2nd session “Mission Garage”

Early stage Start-ups by essence are Bootstrapping. It means that they do a lot with nothing. They also avoid waste by being lean.

One of the key characteristics for early stage Start-ups is that they are nomads. We work wherever we can. We need to be flexible. A warm and welcoming place with an Internet connection does the job perfectly.

Well, as you may have seen on the previous article, for our first working session we landed at La Boate. Today for the 2nd session, the WikiTrip “Mission Garage” is happening at Euromed Management Business School at la Joliette Marseille.

The World Med MBA that is taught at Euromed Management is focus on entrepreneurship. Obviously it is a real value for this school, as being myself a Euromed Management student, they kindly offered me to use their facility to do our 2nd working session. That I could come in their building with my team to work on WikiTrip was something so obvious to them. They are not only teaching business and entrepreneurship, they support student entrepreneur all the way!

During this session we will finish up the Landing page design. We will find a solution to get precise retrieving user geo-localization through the router IP address. It will allow us to organize meet-up between travelers in defined places. We will connect the user stream panel on the landing page with the SQL database.

If you want to see our progress on WikiTrip design you can click on this link: http://wikitrip.co.uk/beta/

There is a new video of the WikiTrip team at Euromed Management during the “Mission Garage” session 2: http://youtu.be/QyeiSASnbNY

To be continued…..


1st day at work…”Mission Garage” in progress

I am really glad to announce that the WikiTrip is gathering at La Boate Marseille from today onwards, 9th of February, to start developing our innovative meet-up platform.

The team is composed of Laurent Chaverlange, Oualid Jouhri and Medhi Farsi.

We will have 26 days to design and develop WikiTrip.

The concept is in place. We have worked closely with Backpackers to fine tune our offer to their needs. We are ready!!!

Thank you “Running Lean HQ” too, for the precious methodology.

To know more about WikiTrip please watch the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-40f9WuX1f4&context=C3c7afe9ADOEgsToPDskLw8m7yOJtOK7Y1S5Ax1PsB

If you want to follow our progression, I invite you to check our blog every week to view the videos of the team at work.

Here is the first: http://youtu.be/qohn8KiPF14

Do not hesitate to pop by and come at La Boate Marseille to assist us.

It is an exciting time for us and we hope you will support us.

To Be continued…..

Social network for real world connection

What an exciting moment to work in the Internet. So many things are happening.

They are lot of debates about what social network is and should be. The event Le Web 2011 in Paris was focus on SoLoMo: Social Local Mobile. In short it is about connecting people with the help of smartphone. So many cool apps are coming up.

There is also a lot of change in the Internet social network ecosystem. Gowalla, a company that inspired us has been acquired and lost the check-in battle against Foursquare, who actually is failing short to deliver is UVP (Unique Value Proposition); which was connecting people in the real world. What the Gowalla team will bring to Facebook? Will Foursquare will deliver is UVP?

Now, where do we stand at WikiTrip?

Well smartphones are nice, but you won’t use the 3G network if you are hopping from one country to an other with your backpack…will you? Instead an Internet connection in local cyber café will be the best spot to stay connected.

We believe in connecting people face-to-face, creating connection in the real world. We want a social network that doesn’t weakens real human relationships. Traveling is about meeting up fellow traveler, learning, sharing, being bounded. It is about finding yourself through others. This magic is happening in the real world, not online.

So we will use the Internet to create a social connecting tool to enhance meet up opportunity between travelers: “A tool to find like-minded Backpackers”.

Why do we need to connect with other when traveling? Firstly we sometime feel lonely. Secondly, time to time we need help. Finally, we are sometime looking for a travel partner.

WikiTrip is a Traveler’s social connector: http://wikitrip.com

Do you have time for a little survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KVV8SNY


Julien Petit

CEO WikiTrip

To be continued……

Christmas in Queensland

As a french guy i will tell you my story of a Christmas in Australia and how weird is it to be used to Winter Christmas for a Summer Christmas…

YES, this picture was taken in december…

This trip from Sydney to Noosa was also my first Road Trip on the Bruce Highway (See Previous post), and the first time for me to drive with the wheel on the right.

It is a very weird feeling to be on the beach when you are used to spend cold Christmas. As a Christmas time thats very uncommon not to see anything reminding Santa Claus or the Christmas shopping. Missing family is one more feeling that you have get use to at this period of time.

But now lets talk about how GREAT is Christmas in a 30°C water…


As a Christmas present i took a surf board and tried it. Trust me, never do it when ocean is moving too much. Anyway, it is still amazing, good luck for those who never did it before, it is very hard, you spend more time paddling than on the board…

Probably one of my favorite moment on this trip was the long walk i’ve done along the beach to finally find this secret spot. I was complete alone and view was just wonderful. This is how i consider traveling, you go and explore till you find what really gives you explorer vibes.


I won’t make any comment on the picture as it think they talk by themselves…

Every hour an helicopter is flying over the beach, i was very curious about that. I finished my day and ask the question, answer: LOL….FOR SHARKS MATE. I had a quick scary feeling but hey as they say: “more people died from coconut accident than sharks”, so funny.

This is how i spend my 2008 Christmas time in Queensland. What about yours ???

This is the end, bye bye friends…. (part 6)

This is the end….so many good memories and a massive feeling of joy…a kind of self-accomplishment feeling due to the total cultural and community immersion this trip allowed us to do and our host Delphine guided us through.

A journey like this one it’s all about meeting people, sharing, being guided, and friendship. The result is that it changes your perceptive about the world in a good way. It makes you believe even more than before that the purpose of life is to be with people. It is to commit with them and share what ever happen in life. It is about being yourself and open. Finally, it is to lose control as you enter a new world, where people will guide you through new adventure and experience….ending making new friends and filing up your head with great memories that will give you strength for the challenge lying ahead.




14.00: The last lunch 😦

We are gathering around the table “Al Fresco”, like every meal we had here. The sky is grey, like our spirit and the sadness cause by the future separation. However, we are living 100% our last moment, not being bothered by the gloomy weather.

Once again Delphine Mum got ready a fantastic lunch. The mood is high but we all know it is our last time together. At 18.00 we will have to hit the road back to Marseille.

16.00: Ulysse birthday

We had to rush back to the house for a birthday celebration. At Delphine’s house there is always a good reason to celebrate and be unified.

All the kids, family and friends are here. Cakes and sweats everywhere. Kids are high on sugar, shooting and laughing. What a nice last moment to be invited to.

17.30: Last drink

We go to the bar by the beach for our last drink.

We speak about the future and coming next August we our friends form Marseille. We are making plans; we don’t want this story to end up.

Delphine got some presents for us. For Tom a special wax for is surf board and for me a wetsuit…such a nice attention…how can we leave this place.

At 18.30 Tom remind us that it is time to go….now my heart is starting to get heavy.

18.30: The hardest moment…

It is time now. We are hugging and kissing each other. We getting into the car and we start the engine.

I see Delphine, Agnes and Gaelle (The Mummy) under the porch looking at our old broken car departing. With Tom we are trying to get funny and making silly jokes to forget and control the tears that are trying to spray out. Heavy heart, so heavy….

While writing those lines I still have this last picture in my head of these three beautiful women waving at us upon our departure. It makes me feel so lucky to have met them and a bit gloomy because I am missing them already.

19.30: Memories, memories, memories…

Tom is at the steering wheel. We are focus and concentrate to go back home in one go. We should be at home by 4.00am the next day.

In the car there is a feeling of happiness. We don’t talk much as we are rocked by all these beautiful memories.

Riding on…and see you soon my friends!!!!

The End

Love, love, love this place (part 5)

We are totally into it, we love this place.

The past two days have been amazing.

I believe the best it’s to post the pictures that we have taken with Tom that tell the story we had here, for the past two days.

Again I want to say that we are so in love with the people and this place.

Getting into the community (part 4)

The Delphine’s family house is full of friends, friends of friends and kids…such a lovely community.

18.00: Now it’s serious

On the beach again, but for real now, we are rested and the wave are bigger. Tom is getting excited and got a surf board. Our host are again looking after us so nicely by providing him a top board from La Reunion Island.

The result for Tom is 4 waves taken in 40 minutes…not bad when the last time he surfed was a year ago. We are on the beach looking at the show and sheering every times he stood on the board.

I never saw my brother surfing and I am feeling proud to see him so agile in the sea.

On the beach and on the way back to the house we met and got introduced to many people. Delphine know all the local crowd. On her way through she invites every friend she meets to her house for a drink later in the evening.

There is a feeling of small and friendly community that make you feel at home. It makes you wonder to meet everyone and know there story. Well, later we will have this opportunity back to the house…can’t wait.

19.30: Apero!!!

Back at the house there is a lot of people already. Delphine sister is getting ready the table. It’s gonna be big, so nice.

Tom and I improvised a shower with the hose under the sunset.

Now it’s time we are ready for the party.

More than 20 people are gathering and we start to pour Pastis in each other glasses. We eat local “saucisson” and “cheese”. Other friends arrived with Champagne. More people arrived, friends, family and more kids.

We engage the discussion with the local surfer crowd. They are too really friendly.

What a nice evening…thanks guys.

5.00: Too late time to sleep

We did not see the time and we need to go to sleep.

After the “Apero”, we went to the local bar, then the surf base, to finally end up at the house.

What a nice celebration!!!!

Eating, laughing, drinking, chatting, and again laughing…that is life. This trip is delivering all its promise, and for sure there is more to come….

To be continued…..