We are offering a social service that helps travelers to find, connect and share in the physical world with like-minded people: the travel social connecting tool


When conducting qualitative interviews with travelers in our target demographic (age 20 – 30, university-educated or graduates, middle to upper middle class), it was noted that there was a strong importance placed on meeting others. The principal reason for travelling amongst this group trip is ‘discovery’ – with some interviewees citing a desire to ‘find themselves through meeting and living with other people’. However, they often find it difficult to meet the right like-minded person or travel partner.


The difference with other travel social network services is that we are not connecting the traveler with locales, but amongst travelers in the physical world and not just online.

Another difference is that our customer target is easier to reach, as we know that social media is one of the best and most effective ways to reach them. Also, because it is a specific niche, and not a mass market, the target audience is often clustered in specific areas. Therefore we will not go through viral classical social media marketing campaign to acquire users, but we have designed a direct PR campaign in these specific areas.


Our concept is based around the theory that meet-up happened when the two parties make one step towards each other. In other words, when one individual formalize an intention to meet up with a specific reason, and the other respond to the demand and he or she is in charge to set up the meeting. Each traveler is in charge of a task.

Going further, every user will be able to “pin-up” on the public board a meet-up intention, which will be posted for a limited period. On the other end, another traveler will be able to respond to any pin-up he or she is interesting by offering a meet-up in a definite place, and also match travelers through specific criteria he is looking for.


Our service will use web geolocalisation. The signup will be made only through Facebook connect API.

We will do that through the Facebook API; we will make relevant the use of Facebook check-in by retrieving them every time a user is updating a post on his FB account.

We will also retrieve the user geolocalisation form the computer IP address he is using.

To moderate the usage of our service to traveler only, we will extract from the Facebook API the needful information about where they are coming from. We will do so by assessing from where most of their check-ins comes from, as well as their friends’ check-ins, thus to establish the more likely their home location. When they are out from this location at a certain radian we will allow access to the service and consider the user as if he was traveling.


To help traveler to find relevant acquaintance we will suggest people with similarities.

The first matching criterion is the destination, what will be the next spot travellers are heading for. Therefore, we will ask users upon registration to tell us what will be their next 3 destinations

The second will be based on similar likes.

The third will be based on past check-ins.


This service will be web-based and customized for cyber café usage, on small and low quality computer. The reason is that Backpackers don’t use mobile services (3G) and use daily the Internet café in their hostel to connect to Facebook with their friends and share their trip experience.

In the future, when will customized our service to corporate travelers and we will develop a mobile service.


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