WAYRA pitch

We just received the video from the pitch we made at the WAYRA accelerator program in London: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxG2j81oEf4&feature=plcp

Well, it was not a successful one, as sadly we did not get selected.

We are still waiting for the jury feedback about what went wrong and why they did not want to invest.

Apparently they believe that we do not have a sustained revenue model to allow this company running smoothly. If you guys have some great ideas to share please feel free to leave a comment.

By the way we are looking for information about how many backpackers are cruising the world per year. If you got any data again feel free again to leave a comment.


Hang-out or Meeting?

In the quest to nail the right product and put on our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) the exact features that will push WikiTrip Users to meet-up each other in the real life, we are chatting with travelers. I recently had a chat Anne-Laure Humblot who is traveling quite a lot and she said that she does not like any constraints when traveling. By constraint she means that she would not like feeling obliged to go for a meeting, but rather go to a hang-out. She would prefer to know where travelers meet-up and perhaps go there or not. To set an appointment it is too professional and not flexible enough.

This insight was really interesting…since then I am wondering….

What do you think about that? Would you also prefer a hang-out rather than a meeting?

To tell us your answer please clicks this link: Hang-out or Meeting?