Foursquare API, Facebook Integration

The Foursquare check-in integration on the Facebook timeline was a great feature and it is very encouraging for the future. Recently, we’ve been delighted to see that Facebook not just display Foursquare check-ins on the timeline, but FB (Facebook) translate a FS (Foursquare) check-in into a FB check-in. In other words, FS check-ins are translated as a geolocalized data and not just an simple information. Every time you check-in with FS, it is the same as checking-in with the FB feature Place. You don’t need to check-in with both apps (FB & FS) to stay tune with your friends; just using the FS app will be enough.

With WikiTrip Users will sign-up with the FB connect only. We will be able to extract useful information to create an amazing experience for you (Also to insure that you’re not a fake).

For WikiTrip, this recent improvement on FB means that we can extract even more geolocalized information that will help us knowing better where Travelers are, thus improving our capability to connect people.

In the future this trend will allow Startups to create more innovative features that will make the usage of any geolocalized apps  more relevant. It will give a better experience to the Users on any platform.

Therefore FS or FB would not be just stand alone app anymore, as the data they are collecting, will create new value on other service (like WikiTrip).

The Facebook check-in improvement through a better integration of the Foursquare API is paving the way for a more interactive Internet future. Please guys carry on!!!!! Don’t you think?


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