Last “Mission Garage” session

This is our last “Mission Garage” in La Boate session and so many things to do!

As we are behind schedule we called out for help.

David & Maylis responded positively. Although, they are running a busy web agency in Marseille, they came for helping us bidding the Back-end and the Front-end.

Maylis is an expert in UX design, juggleling with Jquery, HTML5 and CSS. David is the « Geek », who looks after the development Back-end, a real Ruby on Rail evangelist. They are forming a great team ready to serve « coûte que coûte ».

We are having fun working all together, coding, learning and geeking: –

We are getting there, but we will need at least 10 more days to get something ready.

Will you wait dear Wikitripper??? I hope so, you gonna love it!


Backpackers 5 characteristics

Backpackers have a specific behavior when traveling.  They are driven by specific motives, which are different from other travelers.


There are 5 characteristics that define a Backpacker (Pearce 1998):

–       A preference for budget accommodation

–       An emphasis on meeting other travelers

–       An independently organized and flexible travel schedule

–       Longer rather than very brief holiday

–       Emphasis on informal and participatory holidays activities

That is why WikiTrip is focused on the socializing factor and want to help Travelers to easily bump into each other.


Pearce 1998,