3rd WikiTrip “Mssion Garage” session

For this WikiTrip “Mission Garage” N°3 we have spent our 3 days in La Boate Marseille.

We were supposed to work only for 2 days, but the team agreed to do one more. That’s what I call a motivated team!

The session was about planning and developing the database. I have made myself an entity in one of the table. Mehdi was my professor (http://youtu.be/9E1RlrxwkTE). I feel like I am a geek now 🙂

We also bound the Back and the Front on the Landing page and the profile. You can find the last result on the following link: http://wikitrip.co.uk/beta/

I have also recorded with my video camera one of the key moments of this important task: http://tinyurl.com/7gejzm2

So now we can geolocalize any user via his or her IP address. We also have the “Facebook connect” in place and we can extract the user profile data, including check-ins.

Well, we’re moving forward and we should be able to present an “Alpha” version of WikiTrip for the WebSummit 2012 in London the 19th of March.


2nd session “Mission Garage”

Early stage Start-ups by essence are Bootstrapping. It means that they do a lot with nothing. They also avoid waste by being lean.

One of the key characteristics for early stage Start-ups is that they are nomads. We work wherever we can. We need to be flexible. A warm and welcoming place with an Internet connection does the job perfectly.

Well, as you may have seen on the previous article, for our first working session we landed at La Boate. Today for the 2nd session, the WikiTrip “Mission Garage” is happening at Euromed Management Business School at la Joliette Marseille.

The World Med MBA that is taught at Euromed Management is focus on entrepreneurship. Obviously it is a real value for this school, as being myself a Euromed Management student, they kindly offered me to use their facility to do our 2nd working session. That I could come in their building with my team to work on WikiTrip was something so obvious to them. They are not only teaching business and entrepreneurship, they support student entrepreneur all the way!

During this session we will finish up the Landing page design. We will find a solution to get precise retrieving user geo-localization through the router IP address. It will allow us to organize meet-up between travelers in defined places. We will connect the user stream panel on the landing page with the SQL database.

If you want to see our progress on WikiTrip design you can click on this link: http://wikitrip.co.uk/beta/

There is a new video of the WikiTrip team at Euromed Management during the “Mission Garage” session 2: http://youtu.be/QyeiSASnbNY

To be continued…..

1st day at work…”Mission Garage” in progress

I am really glad to announce that the WikiTrip is gathering at La Boate Marseille from today onwards, 9th of February, to start developing our innovative meet-up platform.

The team is composed of Laurent Chaverlange, Oualid Jouhri and Medhi Farsi.

We will have 26 days to design and develop WikiTrip.

The concept is in place. We have worked closely with Backpackers to fine tune our offer to their needs. We are ready!!!

Thank you “Running Lean HQ” too, for the precious methodology.

To know more about WikiTrip please watch the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-40f9WuX1f4&context=C3c7afe9ADOEgsToPDskLw8m7yOJtOK7Y1S5Ax1PsB

If you want to follow our progression, I invite you to check our blog every week to view the videos of the team at work.

Here is the first: http://youtu.be/qohn8KiPF14

Do not hesitate to pop by and come at La Boate Marseille to assist us.

It is an exciting time for us and we hope you will support us.

To Be continued…..