Social network for real world connection

What an exciting moment to work in the Internet. So many things are happening.

They are lot of debates about what social network is and should be. The event Le Web 2011 in Paris was focus on SoLoMo: Social Local Mobile. In short it is about connecting people with the help of smartphone. So many cool apps are coming up.

There is also a lot of change in the Internet social network ecosystem. Gowalla, a company that inspired us has been acquired and lost the check-in battle against Foursquare, who actually is failing short to deliver is UVP (Unique Value Proposition); which was connecting people in the real world. What the Gowalla team will bring to Facebook? Will Foursquare will deliver is UVP?

Now, where do we stand at WikiTrip?

Well smartphones are nice, but you won’t use the 3G network if you are hopping from one country to an other with your backpack…will you? Instead an Internet connection in local cyber café will be the best spot to stay connected.

We believe in connecting people face-to-face, creating connection in the real world. We want a social network that doesn’t weakens real human relationships. Traveling is about meeting up fellow traveler, learning, sharing, being bounded. It is about finding yourself through others. This magic is happening in the real world, not online.

So we will use the Internet to create a social connecting tool to enhance meet up opportunity between travelers: “A tool to find like-minded Backpackers”.

Why do we need to connect with other when traveling? Firstly we sometime feel lonely. Secondly, time to time we need help. Finally, we are sometime looking for a travel partner.

WikiTrip is a Traveler’s social connector:

Do you have time for a little survey:


Julien Petit

CEO WikiTrip

To be continued……


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