Christmas in Queensland

As a french guy i will tell you my story of a Christmas in Australia and how weird is it to be used to Winter Christmas for a Summer Christmas…

YES, this picture was taken in december…

This trip from Sydney to Noosa was also my first Road Trip on the Bruce Highway (See Previous post), and the first time for me to drive with the wheel on the right.

It is a very weird feeling to be on the beach when you are used to spend cold Christmas. As a Christmas time thats very uncommon not to see anything reminding Santa Claus or the Christmas shopping. Missing family is one more feeling that you have get use to at this period of time.

But now lets talk about how GREAT is Christmas in a 30°C water…


As a Christmas present i took a surf board and tried it. Trust me, never do it when ocean is moving too much. Anyway, it is still amazing, good luck for those who never did it before, it is very hard, you spend more time paddling than on the board…

Probably one of my favorite moment on this trip was the long walk i’ve done along the beach to finally find this secret spot. I was complete alone and view was just wonderful. This is how i consider traveling, you go and explore till you find what really gives you explorer vibes.


I won’t make any comment on the picture as it think they talk by themselves…

Every hour an helicopter is flying over the beach, i was very curious about that. I finished my day and ask the question, answer: LOL….FOR SHARKS MATE. I had a quick scary feeling but hey as they say: “more people died from coconut accident than sharks”, so funny.

This is how i spend my 2008 Christmas time in Queensland. What about yours ???


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