This is the end, bye bye friends…. (part 6)

This is the end….so many good memories and a massive feeling of joy…a kind of self-accomplishment feeling due to the total cultural and community immersion this trip allowed us to do and our host Delphine guided us through.

A journey like this one it’s all about meeting people, sharing, being guided, and friendship. The result is that it changes your perceptive about the world in a good way. It makes you believe even more than before that the purpose of life is to be with people. It is to commit with them and share what ever happen in life. It is about being yourself and open. Finally, it is to lose control as you enter a new world, where people will guide you through new adventure and experience….ending making new friends and filing up your head with great memories that will give you strength for the challenge lying ahead.




14.00: The last lunch 😦

We are gathering around the table “Al Fresco”, like every meal we had here. The sky is grey, like our spirit and the sadness cause by the future separation. However, we are living 100% our last moment, not being bothered by the gloomy weather.

Once again Delphine Mum got ready a fantastic lunch. The mood is high but we all know it is our last time together. At 18.00 we will have to hit the road back to Marseille.

16.00: Ulysse birthday

We had to rush back to the house for a birthday celebration. At Delphine’s house there is always a good reason to celebrate and be unified.

All the kids, family and friends are here. Cakes and sweats everywhere. Kids are high on sugar, shooting and laughing. What a nice last moment to be invited to.

17.30: Last drink

We go to the bar by the beach for our last drink.

We speak about the future and coming next August we our friends form Marseille. We are making plans; we don’t want this story to end up.

Delphine got some presents for us. For Tom a special wax for is surf board and for me a wetsuit…such a nice attention…how can we leave this place.

At 18.30 Tom remind us that it is time to go….now my heart is starting to get heavy.

18.30: The hardest moment…

It is time now. We are hugging and kissing each other. We getting into the car and we start the engine.

I see Delphine, Agnes and Gaelle (The Mummy) under the porch looking at our old broken car departing. With Tom we are trying to get funny and making silly jokes to forget and control the tears that are trying to spray out. Heavy heart, so heavy….

While writing those lines I still have this last picture in my head of these three beautiful women waving at us upon our departure. It makes me feel so lucky to have met them and a bit gloomy because I am missing them already.

19.30: Memories, memories, memories…

Tom is at the steering wheel. We are focus and concentrate to go back home in one go. We should be at home by 4.00am the next day.

In the car there is a feeling of happiness. We don’t talk much as we are rocked by all these beautiful memories.

Riding on…and see you soon my friends!!!!

The End


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