Getting into the community (part 4)

The Delphine’s family house is full of friends, friends of friends and kids…such a lovely community.

18.00: Now it’s serious

On the beach again, but for real now, we are rested and the wave are bigger. Tom is getting excited and got a surf board. Our host are again looking after us so nicely by providing him a top board from La Reunion Island.

The result for Tom is 4 waves taken in 40 minutes…not bad when the last time he surfed was a year ago. We are on the beach looking at the show and sheering every times he stood on the board.

I never saw my brother surfing and I am feeling proud to see him so agile in the sea.

On the beach and on the way back to the house we met and got introduced to many people. Delphine know all the local crowd. On her way through she invites every friend she meets to her house for a drink later in the evening.

There is a feeling of small and friendly community that make you feel at home. It makes you wonder to meet everyone and know there story. Well, later we will have this opportunity back to the house…can’t wait.

19.30: Apero!!!

Back at the house there is a lot of people already. Delphine sister is getting ready the table. It’s gonna be big, so nice.

Tom and I improvised a shower with the hose under the sunset.

Now it’s time we are ready for the party.

More than 20 people are gathering and we start to pour Pastis in each other glasses. We eat local “saucisson” and “cheese”. Other friends arrived with Champagne. More people arrived, friends, family and more kids.

We engage the discussion with the local surfer crowd. They are too really friendly.

What a nice evening…thanks guys.

5.00: Too late time to sleep

We did not see the time and we need to go to sleep.

After the “Apero”, we went to the local bar, then the surf base, to finally end up at the house.

What a nice celebration!!!!

Eating, laughing, drinking, chatting, and again laughing…that is life. This trip is delivering all its promise, and for sure there is more to come….

To be continued…..


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