Starting the journey and cool evening…towards west (part2)


Here we start the trip, we got 600km ahead and the battery are full….“On the road again!!!”


21.10: The start

Depart…cool evening air after a warm day!!!!

Excitement at the top.!!!


21.50: Think lean

Running lean while we riding…yes that’s what I do…trying to figuring out what are the problem traveller are facing and how WikiTrip will answer it.

At the moment I am trying to find a quick and easy way to share this roadtrip with friends. What about a Tweetdeck for blog post…well could work 😉

However, the focus is on the road…going slowly enjoying the road, taking it easy.


00.45: Carcassonne

Just passing near this beautiful medieval city…looking at the view…shit I am a tourist perhaps…well no shame about it, traveller = tourist too.


1.00: Back in the days…

With Tom we are chatting and digging out old memories, when we were 20 riding the same road by night going to parties or holidays in Spain with all our friends’ family (Posse GAS).

So many trips, on the road, being silly and crazy, it was the era of the “rave” party scene. We were thousand of youth hitting the road, gathering in remote countryside, travelling long distance for the same reason: the quest of freedom. It was more than 10 years ago and the spirit is still alive….look we are on the road again.

What I am looking for when travelling? Freedom and friendship. Our value was to be all together with the dudes braving the road communing on this massive playground that is the world and its roads network.

Artist playlist:

–  Asaf and the Mojos

– RedHot Chilli Peppers

– Beach boys

– Radiohead


3.00: Time to rest

Looking for a spot to stop the car and lay down for few hours….we need to rest.

Fine a park in the middle of Empeaux, a small a village in the Gers (Foix gras…yum yum), will suite us perfectly.

I am sleeping on the grass, Tom in the car….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


To be continued…..



One thought on “Starting the journey and cool evening…towards west (part2)

  1. Nice friendly description, it reminds you feelings that are commonly lost by quick fly journeys. We sometimes forget that we’re born in our mother land and know little about its landscapes, so places like this (wt) enhances the importance of a great journey 🙂 it actually makes ne wanna do it……… Ho! I did 🙂

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