Almost there, can’t wait to reach the Ocean (part 3)

Wake up the head in the grass and bugs running on my face…lovely…that’s sleeping “a la belle etoile”.

Waky, waky, let’s warm up the car and make sure the morning grumpy Tom is warming up too…you know what I mean.


7.00:  The car is on

We taking off from Empaux


7.30: In a mission

We are looking for a bar to get a strong expresso, vital thing for two French guys like us, but via a “Boulangerie” first to get some “Croissant” and “Pains au chocolats”.

For the coffee it will happen in a random Boutique hotel call “l’Échappé Belle” we found in the middle of the village call Isle-Jourdain. What a nice surprise and a great service, really something unexpected in the French countryside.


9.00: New landscape

This country we are going through is the west culture, the “Ovalie” country, land of Rugby. The municipal stadiums are proving that, no more soccer, just rugby. The guys in the street too are different form our place, better not to get into an argument with them, coming from Marseille the only trick with have it’s our big mouth…not good enough against strong, big and well feed Western fellow.


9.47: Easy rider

We cross on the road 3 guys on their light motorbike…50cc engines…riding on at the speed of a snail, however proud and focus…hitting the road with great style. We are waving at each other and shouting encouraging words. You were looking great guys and make us dream 🙂


10.10: Getting deeper into a new culture

Now among the rugby stadium appears bullfight arena in almost each village. The first on we saw was in “Houga”…nice name.

The landscape is changed too, we are crossing deep pine tree forest…beautiful.

The temperature is rising….30*C


12.00: Such a nice welcome by Delphine family

What a finish, we cross the final line at noon on the dot.

Finally, we arrived at St Giron Beach. Delphine is waiting for us and we finally get to her family house. Stunning mansion surrounding by the sand. From her place we here the waves.

Her family are making us feel so welcome, bless them, forever in our heart!!!!


13.00: Swimming

We run to the beach. Jump in the Atlantic Ocean. We feel so lucky to have been invited here.


!4.00: Lunch and siesta

By the way I cheated, coz I am using my host wifi…I hope guys you don’t mind…mobile connection not strong enough as yet 😉

To be continued….


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