Improvised Road trip to the Atlantic (part 1)

So good, on our way to the surf nation with Tom (my twin) to be Delphine’s guest!

The scool stuff is that few hours ago I was meant to go alone. I wanted to go by train. Reaching Toulouse and then make my way to St-Giron beach (Landes) with whatever regional trains I would have find or maybe hitchhiking. The issue is that my transport budget was: $0….yes $0, because I am an entrepreneur and I have no money for leisure. Luckily Tom arrived earlier this day from Paris and it when the trip took another shape.

11.00am: Issue = solution
Looking for a solution to do my trip, Tom arrived.
Before he arrived, I was starting to doubt about being able to make this trip. In front of my computer I was trying to not lose faith and Tom parked is old utilitarian car in front of my house.
Half an hour after he arrived, I shared with him my problem and we started to brainstorm to find a solution. Well it was easy, we love to hit the road, we will do the trip together on his old broken car.

13.00: Planning team, to do list, check list.

Let’s blog this trip and use only mobile devices
Duration: 4days
Budget: $300
Bags (light of course): ok
Motivation: ok+++
Route: 618km
Weather: hot hot hot!!!!!!
Departure time: 21.00
Car: Wrong slightly damaged, and some repair to be done.

14.00: I love SMS
I just received a lovely SMS from Delphine our host:
“Everything alright with Delphine’s family, ready to welcome you. Take tent, boards and smiles! Have a good trip! kisses
“Tout est bon famille Delphine prete a vous acceuillir. Prenez tente planche et sourires ! Bonne route ! Bisous »
Motivation reaching its climax!!!! 🙂

14.30 – 17.00: Making one car with two.
Taking the good parts from the other and making the other “al-dente” for the journey.

To be continued…..


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