I started travelling when I was 23….

I started travelling when I was 23…or something, my destination was India. I always wished to travel the world since I was a kid.
When I was a child we used to go around in my village from the river (Durance) to the hill with my friends, fooling around, being silly, playing adventure games…being the king of the world….a sort of Indiana Jones.

Growing up we used to go further, going around Marseille, then further away, again further away. With my family we used to do big road trips when going to the South-West of France or the Alps. But never had we gone to a foreign country or even taking a flight across continents.
Although I was so convinced that it will happen, reaching my 20th I never travelled beyond the European frontier. I had time to make it, but still I wasn’t moving. It got to a point that it was kind of getting late.
At 23 I wanted to go to Morocco, but weirdly I was always finding excuse not to do this trip and at the same time reading the huge Lonely Planet book about India (the Bible by the way). I was anger to go further and do a big journey, yet I was not doing it and still getting ready by learning all about the rest of the world.
Luckily, one day it happened and I took an international flight, not to Morocco, but India. It was the best experience in my life.

I always wonder what make me move? What was exactly the thing that triggered my behaviour to buy this flight ticket to Mumbai with a return 3 months later?
However I know what make me stay and succeed this amazing 3 months trip; it was due to the people I have met, their knowledge they shared with me and their passion for travelling.

Now day I am striving to find the solution that will help out other fellows that die to travel and want to do an authentic adventure deep in a place far away, but cannot do it. There is a lot of reason for that and we will find a solution with Wikitrip.com. We will solve this problem and we will free and inspire all the people that need to find the thing that will make their dream trip to happen.


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