“La route des Crètes” in France

A new post for bike riders, trekkers and road lovers …
If you are one of them “La route des Crètes” is for you.

Either you like walking, bicycling or driving, this is one of the best road to take in the south of France.
Awesome view on the sea but not only, you will enjoy very nice lookout on the land.
From La Ciotat to Cassis or the other way round i recommend to you Cassis’s side. You can stop in few different spot to enjoy the landscape.

Best time to enjoy the view is between May and September, as the sea and the sky are both very clear and blue.


As every good thing in life there is a BUT. This road is very dangerous, make sure you drive safely. Also the walk are dangerous as there is no fence. At least you don’t have to watch out for animals as they are not dangerous here 😉 (not like Australia).

Enjoy this French road experience and then go to Cassis to have a drink on this very cute port. (We will talk about Cassis soon on this blog).

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2 thoughts on ““La route des Crètes” in France

  1. Hey nice pics. I would be doing the “La route des Crètes” as well this summer. What location is that Cliff picture at ?

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