Road trip on the Bruce Highway

Hi Guys,

Welcome back on the WikiTrip blog to talk about Australian experience.

Today, i will talk about the road trips i have done on the Australian East cost. I’ve done that a couple of time, one time with friends and a second time with family.

Road trip with friends:

We decided to hire a big 4 wheel drive as we were five in the car. The trip started in Cairns to finish on the Gold Coast. All i can say is a comfortable car is much needed for such a long trip (About 5000 km in 2 weeks). It cost a lot but it is appreciable.
On the other we also choose to save money on accommodation. Right arrive in Cairns we bought a couple of tent for about $30 each. We were scared of doing wild camping because of animals and cops but everything turned well. I am not going to say that you must do that but i am telling that IT WAS AWESOME. How cool is that to wake up in the middle of nowhere with 30 kangaroos around you. If you do so make sure you let your camping spot as clean as it was when you came.
There is so much to do around the Bruce highway(Water Falls, Forest, Desert…), try to spot few places that you want to see before starting your trip but the best way to see great things is to ask backpackers and explorers.They are the best secret spotter. You will find them pretty easily in guest houses.

Road Trip with family:

We reverse our requirement of comfort. Small car and nicer accommodation. It is clearly not the same fun as if you travel with friends. It comes out that finally you see pretty much the same things. We also did the reverse trip plan, from the Gold Coast to Cairns. Once again it does not change much, depends of you if you want to go from temperate weather to tropical temperature or the other way round.

To conclude is whatever is your travel style, you will have fun. Focus on YOUR must do and don’t forget the LOCAL must do…

Have fun, take care of nature and yourself.

PS: Except the first one, all the picture are from my personal road trip


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