This is the end, bye bye friends…. (part 6)

This is the end….so many good memories and a massive feeling of joy…a kind of self-accomplishment feeling due to the total cultural and community immersion this trip allowed us to do and our host Delphine guided us through.

A journey like this one it’s all about meeting people, sharing, being guided, and friendship. The result is that it changes your perceptive about the world in a good way. It makes you believe even more than before that the purpose of life is to be with people. It is to commit with them and share what ever happen in life. It is about being yourself and open. Finally, it is to lose control as you enter a new world, where people will guide you through new adventure and experience….ending making new friends and filing up your head with great memories that will give you strength for the challenge lying ahead.




14.00: The last lunch 😦

We are gathering around the table “Al Fresco”, like every meal we had here. The sky is grey, like our spirit and the sadness cause by the future separation. However, we are living 100% our last moment, not being bothered by the gloomy weather.

Once again Delphine Mum got ready a fantastic lunch. The mood is high but we all know it is our last time together. At 18.00 we will have to hit the road back to Marseille.

16.00: Ulysse birthday

We had to rush back to the house for a birthday celebration. At Delphine’s house there is always a good reason to celebrate and be unified.

All the kids, family and friends are here. Cakes and sweats everywhere. Kids are high on sugar, shooting and laughing. What a nice last moment to be invited to.

17.30: Last drink

We go to the bar by the beach for our last drink.

We speak about the future and coming next August we our friends form Marseille. We are making plans; we don’t want this story to end up.

Delphine got some presents for us. For Tom a special wax for is surf board and for me a wetsuit…such a nice attention…how can we leave this place.

At 18.30 Tom remind us that it is time to go….now my heart is starting to get heavy.

18.30: The hardest moment…

It is time now. We are hugging and kissing each other. We getting into the car and we start the engine.

I see Delphine, Agnes and Gaelle (The Mummy) under the porch looking at our old broken car departing. With Tom we are trying to get funny and making silly jokes to forget and control the tears that are trying to spray out. Heavy heart, so heavy….

While writing those lines I still have this last picture in my head of these three beautiful women waving at us upon our departure. It makes me feel so lucky to have met them and a bit gloomy because I am missing them already.

19.30: Memories, memories, memories…

Tom is at the steering wheel. We are focus and concentrate to go back home in one go. We should be at home by 4.00am the next day.

In the car there is a feeling of happiness. We don’t talk much as we are rocked by all these beautiful memories.

Riding on…and see you soon my friends!!!!

The End


Love, love, love this place (part 5)

We are totally into it, we love this place.

The past two days have been amazing.

I believe the best it’s to post the pictures that we have taken with Tom that tell the story we had here, for the past two days.

Again I want to say that we are so in love with the people and this place.

Getting into the community (part 4)

The Delphine’s family house is full of friends, friends of friends and kids…such a lovely community.

18.00: Now it’s serious

On the beach again, but for real now, we are rested and the wave are bigger. Tom is getting excited and got a surf board. Our host are again looking after us so nicely by providing him a top board from La Reunion Island.

The result for Tom is 4 waves taken in 40 minutes…not bad when the last time he surfed was a year ago. We are on the beach looking at the show and sheering every times he stood on the board.

I never saw my brother surfing and I am feeling proud to see him so agile in the sea.

On the beach and on the way back to the house we met and got introduced to many people. Delphine know all the local crowd. On her way through she invites every friend she meets to her house for a drink later in the evening.

There is a feeling of small and friendly community that make you feel at home. It makes you wonder to meet everyone and know there story. Well, later we will have this opportunity back to the house…can’t wait.

19.30: Apero!!!

Back at the house there is a lot of people already. Delphine sister is getting ready the table. It’s gonna be big, so nice.

Tom and I improvised a shower with the hose under the sunset.

Now it’s time we are ready for the party.

More than 20 people are gathering and we start to pour Pastis in each other glasses. We eat local “saucisson” and “cheese”. Other friends arrived with Champagne. More people arrived, friends, family and more kids.

We engage the discussion with the local surfer crowd. They are too really friendly.

What a nice evening…thanks guys.

5.00: Too late time to sleep

We did not see the time and we need to go to sleep.

After the “Apero”, we went to the local bar, then the surf base, to finally end up at the house.

What a nice celebration!!!!

Eating, laughing, drinking, chatting, and again laughing…that is life. This trip is delivering all its promise, and for sure there is more to come….

To be continued…..

Almost there, can’t wait to reach the Ocean (part 3)

Wake up the head in the grass and bugs running on my face…lovely…that’s sleeping “a la belle etoile”.

Waky, waky, let’s warm up the car and make sure the morning grumpy Tom is warming up too…you know what I mean.


7.00:  The car is on

We taking off from Empaux


7.30: In a mission

We are looking for a bar to get a strong expresso, vital thing for two French guys like us, but via a “Boulangerie” first to get some “Croissant” and “Pains au chocolats”.

For the coffee it will happen in a random Boutique hotel call “l’Échappé Belle” we found in the middle of the village call Isle-Jourdain. What a nice surprise and a great service, really something unexpected in the French countryside.


9.00: New landscape

This country we are going through is the west culture, the “Ovalie” country, land of Rugby. The municipal stadiums are proving that, no more soccer, just rugby. The guys in the street too are different form our place, better not to get into an argument with them, coming from Marseille the only trick with have it’s our big mouth…not good enough against strong, big and well feed Western fellow.


9.47: Easy rider

We cross on the road 3 guys on their light motorbike…50cc engines…riding on at the speed of a snail, however proud and focus…hitting the road with great style. We are waving at each other and shouting encouraging words. You were looking great guys and make us dream 🙂


10.10: Getting deeper into a new culture

Now among the rugby stadium appears bullfight arena in almost each village. The first on we saw was in “Houga”…nice name.

The landscape is changed too, we are crossing deep pine tree forest…beautiful.

The temperature is rising….30*C


12.00: Such a nice welcome by Delphine family

What a finish, we cross the final line at noon on the dot.

Finally, we arrived at St Giron Beach. Delphine is waiting for us and we finally get to her family house. Stunning mansion surrounding by the sand. From her place we here the waves.

Her family are making us feel so welcome, bless them, forever in our heart!!!!


13.00: Swimming

We run to the beach. Jump in the Atlantic Ocean. We feel so lucky to have been invited here.


!4.00: Lunch and siesta

By the way I cheated, coz I am using my host wifi…I hope guys you don’t mind…mobile connection not strong enough as yet 😉

To be continued….

Starting the journey and cool evening…towards west (part2)


Here we start the trip, we got 600km ahead and the battery are full….“On the road again!!!”


21.10: The start

Depart…cool evening air after a warm day!!!!

Excitement at the top.!!!


21.50: Think lean

Running lean while we riding…yes that’s what I do…trying to figuring out what are the problem traveller are facing and how WikiTrip will answer it.

At the moment I am trying to find a quick and easy way to share this roadtrip with friends. What about a Tweetdeck for blog post…well could work 😉

However, the focus is on the road…going slowly enjoying the road, taking it easy.


00.45: Carcassonne

Just passing near this beautiful medieval city…looking at the view…shit I am a tourist perhaps…well no shame about it, traveller = tourist too.


1.00: Back in the days…

With Tom we are chatting and digging out old memories, when we were 20 riding the same road by night going to parties or holidays in Spain with all our friends’ family (Posse GAS).

So many trips, on the road, being silly and crazy, it was the era of the “rave” party scene. We were thousand of youth hitting the road, gathering in remote countryside, travelling long distance for the same reason: the quest of freedom. It was more than 10 years ago and the spirit is still alive….look we are on the road again.

What I am looking for when travelling? Freedom and friendship. Our value was to be all together with the dudes braving the road communing on this massive playground that is the world and its roads network.

Artist playlist:

–  Asaf and the Mojos

– RedHot Chilli Peppers

– Beach boys

– Radiohead


3.00: Time to rest

Looking for a spot to stop the car and lay down for few hours….we need to rest.

Fine a park in the middle of Empeaux, a small a village in the Gers (Foix gras…yum yum), will suite us perfectly.

I am sleeping on the grass, Tom in the car….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


To be continued…..


Improvised Road trip to the Atlantic (part 1)

So good, on our way to the surf nation with Tom (my twin) to be Delphine’s guest!

The scool stuff is that few hours ago I was meant to go alone. I wanted to go by train. Reaching Toulouse and then make my way to St-Giron beach (Landes) with whatever regional trains I would have find or maybe hitchhiking. The issue is that my transport budget was: $0….yes $0, because I am an entrepreneur and I have no money for leisure. Luckily Tom arrived earlier this day from Paris and it when the trip took another shape.

11.00am: Issue = solution
Looking for a solution to do my trip, Tom arrived.
Before he arrived, I was starting to doubt about being able to make this trip. In front of my computer I was trying to not lose faith and Tom parked is old utilitarian car in front of my house.
Half an hour after he arrived, I shared with him my problem and we started to brainstorm to find a solution. Well it was easy, we love to hit the road, we will do the trip together on his old broken car.

13.00: Planning team, to do list, check list.

Let’s blog this trip and use only mobile devices
Duration: 4days
Budget: $300
Bags (light of course): ok
Motivation: ok+++
Route: 618km
Weather: hot hot hot!!!!!!
Departure time: 21.00
Car: Wrong slightly damaged, and some repair to be done.

14.00: I love SMS
I just received a lovely SMS from Delphine our host:
“Everything alright with Delphine’s family, ready to welcome you. Take tent, boards and smiles! Have a good trip! kisses
“Tout est bon famille Delphine prete a vous acceuillir. Prenez tente planche et sourires ! Bonne route ! Bisous »
Motivation reaching its climax!!!! 🙂

14.30 – 17.00: Making one car with two.
Taking the good parts from the other and making the other “al-dente” for the journey.

To be continued…..

I started travelling when I was 23….

I started travelling when I was 23…or something, my destination was India. I always wished to travel the world since I was a kid.
When I was a child we used to go around in my village from the river (Durance) to the hill with my friends, fooling around, being silly, playing adventure games…being the king of the world….a sort of Indiana Jones.

Growing up we used to go further, going around Marseille, then further away, again further away. With my family we used to do big road trips when going to the South-West of France or the Alps. But never had we gone to a foreign country or even taking a flight across continents.
Although I was so convinced that it will happen, reaching my 20th I never travelled beyond the European frontier. I had time to make it, but still I wasn’t moving. It got to a point that it was kind of getting late.
At 23 I wanted to go to Morocco, but weirdly I was always finding excuse not to do this trip and at the same time reading the huge Lonely Planet book about India (the Bible by the way). I was anger to go further and do a big journey, yet I was not doing it and still getting ready by learning all about the rest of the world.
Luckily, one day it happened and I took an international flight, not to Morocco, but India. It was the best experience in my life.

I always wonder what make me move? What was exactly the thing that triggered my behaviour to buy this flight ticket to Mumbai with a return 3 months later?
However I know what make me stay and succeed this amazing 3 months trip; it was due to the people I have met, their knowledge they shared with me and their passion for travelling.

Now day I am striving to find the solution that will help out other fellows that die to travel and want to do an authentic adventure deep in a place far away, but cannot do it. There is a lot of reason for that and we will find a solution with We will solve this problem and we will free and inspire all the people that need to find the thing that will make their dream trip to happen.